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Sharon Obermeyer taught art and design at Antonelli College in Cincinnati, Ohio for 17 years. In addition, she is certified by the National Association of Art Educators.

After High School she attended the renowned Central Art Academy in Cincinnati, and then later the University of Cincinnati where she studied Art Education, History, English, and Psychology. She also worked at Standard Publishing as a designer and illustrator of children’s books and publications for seven years.

In her own words, Sharon says, “I made the decision to make art accessible and affordable, and created a beautiful, working studio in Anderson Township. Today, Mount Washington Art Works is the only art school on the east side of Cincinnati, and is open to students of all ages, from two through adults. In our third year of operation, we have enjoyed continuous growth and are flourishing as more and more students discover the joy and value of having art in their life.”

Mt. Washington Art Works offers art classes in Cincinnati for preschool, elementary, high school, and adult students. Our adult program has been especially designed for beginners. We start with basic drawing and painting.

These are real art lessons. We teach drawing and painting: perspective, composition, value, line, form, color and style.

Our step by step approach has been so successful that our method of instruction is being copyrighted for franchise.

However, we welcome experienced artists who want a beautiful studio and the company of other artists to enjoy.

And, we supply all the art materials needed: canvas, brushes, acrylics, watercolors and pastels. You never have to worry about buying additional supplies.

6450 Sherman Avenue in Anderson
(off Beacon Street). 513-232-3648