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Art Classes
2016-2017 Schedule

6450 Sherman Avenue in Anderson
(off Beacon Street). 513-232-3648

  • Ages 2 - 3. We offer art classes for ages two to three, a fun introduction to art and a school environment. This includes creative projects with safe mediums, story telling and social activities. Most parents stay for this but you don't have to.
  • Ages 4-6. A great opportunity for any child who enjoys making art fun. Fun projects, safe mediums, and story telling in a social environment with other kids the same age.
  • Ages 6 - 10. An age friendly introduction to drawing and painting with watercolors, acrylics, and innovative painting mediums not typically used in school art classes.
  • Ages 10-14. Art projects driven by children's interest with lots of individual instruction and painting at an easel.
  • Art 101 for older students. A unique and fun opportunity for the rank beginner to experienced artst to paint in a beautiful studio. Includes water color instruction, acrylic instruction, and pastels.
  • SHINE is a new program for anyone with any challenge who enjoys making art. We used trained and experienced teachers with students who have special needs.